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GPUs with Legacy BIOS support? How do you know?

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Jun 26, 2007
Driver support/performance is an issue but at least this can improve over time with new releases, OTOH legacy BIOS support is either there or it’s not.

I wish card makers would shed some light on this as this is somewhat misleading. Not all people out there understand every aspect of putting together/upgrading a system let alone without proper info.
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Nov 20, 2020
Old thread but this is one of the ones I stumbled one before upgrading to an RTX graphics card.

The RTX 2060 works flawlessless in my Dell Precision T3500 (legacy bios, version A17). Series issues, booted it right away.

Had to make a few slight modifications to my case in order to close the HDD tray and close the case and make sure your PSU can handle however 100% works on mine at least.


Jul 18, 2003
I like this idea. I have an old Xeon x3470 system that's (I think) older than yours with a GT 1030 in it. It's definitely not a UEFI system and it's using a modern card. Works great as a HTPC.
Saw this thread pop up on my feed. I can confirm both a 1050 ti and 1660 ti both work in my legacy BIOS having Xeon x3470 system.

Both video cards offer some nice Plex transcoding without much CPU utilization as well.
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Apr 3, 2020
What a crap show. I blame Dell. The company just does not care about its customers.

The budget Asrock board* I purchased in 2015 gets far superior support**. I would have never imagined budget DIY having vastly superior long term support. The whole point of OEM is the support.

*this board has seen a 380, 580, and Vega 56 without issue. It will be hopefully getting a 6800xt or 3080 soon and I would be shocked if either had any issue.
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Aug 25, 2001
I would have never imagined budget DIY having vastly superior long term support. The whole point of OEM is the support.
OEM systems have traditionally been more limited, and less likely to get "extended support" than many name-brand DIY retail boards.

Usually, instead of updating boards in the field, OEMs will just spin up a new custom board rev. with the new firmware / new FRU number.

Part of the reason for this is testing and qualification. OEMs are generally stricter about that sort of thing than DIY, and may choose not to go back into their historic compnent stack to re-qualify and re-test those platforms.
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