Good network interface cards? [UPDATE: Got email about Realtek 8139]

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Oct 10, 1999
I doubt there is a realworld performance difference between any Realtek, Intel or 3com network card.


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Apr 24, 2000
Ask youself this question: Why is it that most companies only use 3Com products for their LAN needs? (And Cisco for their WAN needs for that matter)

For me, there isnt anything else but 3Com. Superior quality and performance, great support, regular driver updates, supported by any OS you can through at it.

It does come with a price premium. Do you need 3Com? Probably not. Will you get similar performance using a different brand NIC? Most likely. Will you get it at a better price/performance ratio? Definately. Then why would you buy 3Com? Cause behind the name there is a company i can count on, which is something you need or want when it comes to large professional enviroments. Then why do you use it at home? Cause you get accustomed to quality real quick.

Sh!t, i sound like a 3Com PR guy. *shiver* :p

j/k, but i think you catch my drift.