Gigabyte AP64D flicker?!?!


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May 24, 2002
I just built a PC with a Gigabyte AP64D video card. (8500LE, 64Meg)

The problem is that the flicker bugs me so much, that I can't stand to use the computer.

I've tried the included GB drivers, and 2 or 3 ATI Reference drivers. I'm currently running the 7.70 drivers.
I've played with refreash rates, etc. But nothing seems to help.
I've tried both the VGA and DVI (with included adapter) connections, and they both behave the same way.
Also made sure that the monitor driver was loaded.

Not sure if this is a clue as to what's going on, but when I have a window upen with a white background (explorer), it almost appears that the text is smeared towards the right. Very faint, but that is the best way to describe it.
Also, when I resize the explorer window, or move another dialog box across the top of the white background, it has the appearance of "waving". Kinda like you would see if you ran your hand across a bed sheet.

This card also suffered a fan "failure" within 10 days of being installed.
I loaded up the included Vtuner and it reported that the fan wasn't running. When I checkd it out, I discovered that the fan would only spin freely if the fan was facing UP. Face it DOWN, as when installed in a tower case, and it hit the fan cover/guard.
I removed the cover and it spun fine, so I place some .030" nylon washers over the screws to space the fan guard away from the fan, and it's been ok since.

Could the card have suffered some damage while the fan wasn't working?

I am positive that the fan was working when the card was first installed, as it is a new system and I double checked that all fans were working when it was first set up.

I'm thinking that I need to RMA the card, but can't decide whether to try another AP64D, or go with an actual ATI card.
Any thoughts, or suggestions as to what might be going on?
I've never RMA'd anything with NewEgg, but I'm thinking that the ATI retail 128Meg LE is the way to go. Don't know how they handle an RMA for another part?

I did find something on the web that discused WindowsXP's refresh problem but that seemed to be more related to the way it handles refresh rates in games.

I plan to swap it with the 32Meg RadeonLE that is in the old PC to see if the problem follows the Gigabyte card, or stays with the new box.

System Specs:

Soyo Dragon Ultra
AthlonXP 1800+
512 Meg Samsung PC2700
Gigabyte AP64D video
Maxtor 40G 7200rpm drive
Seagate 20G 5400 drive
Liteon 52X CD
Floppy drive
WindowsXP Pro

I'm using the onboard sound for now, and have the included sigma box hooked up.
I've OC'd the system a bit, but setting it back to defaults doesn't affect the flicker problem.
Max speeds so far were: FSB 143, Video 274.

EDIT - I'm using a Samsung 950P monitor, and a Linksys KVM. The old PC on port 1, using the 32Meg LE, looks fine, as did the Mandrake/eMachine that was connected to the KVM's port 2 where the new computer is hooked up.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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