getting new router, need some advice....


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Nov 6, 2001
i'm unsure of what router to get. My friend tells me that the routers all have different features but i'm not sure whats so different between them.

I'm contemplating between linksys and d-link brands.... i know that linksys makes pretty good ones because i helped my dad set one up and its been very good....

i'm looking for...

somewhat low cost ($30-#60)
don't care about firewall much
stability is important (don't want to lose signal strength, i heard sometimes that happens with poor routers)
no wireless.

are there any other features i should be aware of? Thanks for the help beforehand. :)


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Sep 20, 2003
I would seriously look into the firewall unless you have some good software (ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security, Etc). Otherwise I would take off D-Link and instead add Netgear. Make sure it's a router with a switch. Some routers dont have a switch which means you would need one seperately.

Have fun! :)



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Oct 25, 1999
The main difference between the Entry level Cable/DSL Routers is the number, and range of ports that can be opened through the Hardware Firewall.

If you are a gamer, and or use applications that need ports opening, it is an issue you have to look at.

You need to list your special ports opening and check the specs. of each targeted Router to make sure that it can keep these ports Open.

If you want a more elaborate Router with better VPN, and SPI capacities you have to look at the Top Models of SMC, Linksys, and Netgear. They have each a higher level hardware for about $100

Otherwise I would go with the lowest price, and the decor:

If you need Cobalt Blue, get Linksys.

Dark Blue get, Netgear.

Nice Gray Silver, get D-Link.

Futuristic look, get Belkin.

Stylish, get Microsoft.

Battleship Gray, get SMC.

Humble look, get Siemens SpeedStream, or Hawking.

In other words there are no real differences between the above.