Getting information off a busted RAID array


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Aug 1, 2000
A couple years ago I put together an IDE Raid system with Raid 0 so that any data on that system would be very safe. The hard drive that the OS was on, not either of the Raid hard drives, recently went down. It was one fo those IBM hard drives that had a lot of problems.

So now I'm trying to get the data off of those Raid hard drives and I'm having some problems. That other computer is older so we aren't trying to fix it, instead we just bought a new Dell server for it's replacement. I tried installing the PCI IDE Raid controller into the new computer and it wanted to creat a new raid array which I didn't want to do for fear that I would lose the data. I then plugged one of the Raid drives directly into the IDE controller on the motherboard of the new computer and Windows XP came up saying that it was deleting orphan file records. It's still deleting stuff, I figure the damage is done so why stop it now.

If you have any ideas on how to safely get the data off that second drive then it would be very much appreciated. Thanks


Aug 10, 2002
You can't as far as I know.
The data is striped across both drives.
If you lose one, you lose it all.
RAID-0 is for speed, RAID-1 is for safety (creates a mirror of the first disk).