Getting an ActiveX control installed as different OS


Jan 18, 2005
This is a longshot at best, but I'm asking hoping for a solution to this problem.

I recently installed Vista on my sister's computer, and thus far everything has been smooth except for one thing. She requires VPN to log into work. They use Array VPN SSL, which requires you to log into her company's website via IE, and the click on a Start VPN button, which launches some ActiveX control, which I believe is supposed to install some files and launch a program. But then a window pops up saying:

arr_x: "Array SSL VPN is supported on Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE and Windows Server 2003."

So... is there a way I can fool it into believing it is installing as XP or 2000? On another system, I notice it installs some files into /Program Files/array_ssl/, but on Vista, it never gets to that point. One thing I have tried is to change the Properties->Compatbility Tab for IE7, but I'm unable to because "Compatibility modes cannot be set on this program because it is part of this version of Windows." And since this is an ActiveX control, I can't run it in Firefox (or can I?)

So, does anyone have any possible solutions? I suppose I could have my sister ask her company to upgrade their Array SSL software (the latest version does supposedly support Vista), but if that fails, then I see no recourse but to put back XP on her system, which I really don't want to do.