Geforce 4 msi Drivers


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Oct 29, 2002
I'm pretty set on getting a MSI geforce4 4600. Judging from the benchies I saw here. It's the coolest and the fastest.. But I was wondering, if I buy it. Uninstall my geforce2 ultra I have in here now. Then put the MSI card in. Should I use the drivers that come with the card. Or just get the beta version 40 drivers from Nvidias site and run those right off the bat? So I won't have to unistall the msi crivers.

At the risk of sounding like a moron. I've only installed 1 video card before. It was a voodoo3 3000. Heh.. I guess you could say I'm a confused rookie.

Thanks. Ruckas-


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Jan 29, 2002
Your best bet is to remove the old video card drivers via the Windows Control panel add/remove software. Download the newest Det's from Nvidia's site and leave them on your disc. Shutdown, swap cards, power on. If Windows finds other drivers or asks you for drivers just hit cancel. Then run the newest drivers you downloaded before.

Hope that helps

- J