GeForce 3 ti500 artifacts on the screen...


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Aug 20, 2003

Have a ti500 that i'd like to put into an older system for my little brother, but it doesn't seem to work quite right....
a quick little story:

was using the card in a system, then one day noticed strange artifacts appearing after a little while on the screen (this is at work, so no gaming involved) and eventually freeze the screen, so i had to reboot, it would work for a couple minutes and repeat. After a few times i kept seeing the artifact on screen even when booting (DOS portion of bootup), it was the type of artifacts you could sometimes get when you're overclocking your graphics cards a bit too much. So my brain said, "Duh, heat".

looked at the card, and sure enough, the fan died, so i took it out and replaced it with one that was supposedly designed for ti500's, (Titan TTC-CUV1AB Copper VGA Cooler), something relatively cheap but not complete trash. The heatsink/fan looked noticeably beefier then the stock junk. I installed it with the silver grease that was included in the package, just a little dib.

But no matter what i do now however the artifacts remain, even with the new cooler.

So my question is: is it possible to permanently damage the card just 'slightly' enough to cause these kinds of artifacts forever, but not enough to kill it? I've always figured this is simple digital logic, either its on or off, no inbetween.

Is it possible i'm using too much grease? or perhaps the heatsink isn't on tight enough? I'm pretty sure the heatsink is on as tight as the enclosed brackets allow, and it seems pretty tight to me. I've played around with the grease, but perhaps not as much as i could have....

thought i'd just check before i spend too much time on this old thing.


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Feb 5, 2003
make sure you've got the newest driver (duh)

if thats up to date, then your card's probly cooked :(