GeForce 3 Ti500 and Dell Dimension p41700 problems


Jun 13, 2002
Well the computer is a dell p4 1700 mhz with RdRam of like 256 and winxp with a gf2 MX 32 meg pos card.... we wanted to replace the card and put in a visiontek ti500 gf3 it installs boots up everything but lines and pixels are left discolored randomly throughout windows interface. Moving windows leaves a line or pixel here and there or youll click one place and lines will appear else where...

we have tried a VARIETY of drivers from 21 dets to 40 dets.... just curious if anyone else has had this problem or knows of a solution that doesnt involve throwing the pos away



Platinum Member
Apr 15, 2002
:eek: Well these big brand pre-built PCs are well known for their incompatible non-standard and under-powered PSUs, I'd bet that's your problem, and with a GF2MX your P4 1.7ghz will be outperformed by a Duron 1ghz with a GF3 let alone a GF4TI/Rad9700. It could also be a problem with risidual drivers which are hard to remove 100%, I take it you uninstalled all drivers relating to GF2MX before inserting the GF3? You could try running Detonator Destroyer, then install the latest OFFICIAL drivers from nVidia or the manu of your GF3 followed by a reinstall of DX8.1. Do ensure you set any o/c's back to their defaults while trouble-shooting, not that you are likely to be able to do that considering it's a big brand PC. I tried all kinds of things to get my GF4TI working 100% but it needed a fresh WinXP install to do the trick. I'd still suspect your PSU, but it can't hurt to tinker now can it?

PS. Check you have the latest official drivers for all of your hw esp mobo, maybe even check the BIOS too.