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Jan 20, 2001
Return of the Gods
I would make fun of left of center radicals but since I work in Chapel Hill and love my visits to Berkeley . . . it doesn't have the same whimsical quality as . . .

If you look to the Federal Government of the United States as your personal problem solver, this site is not for you.

If you see men and women as competing interest groups, or see all men as inherently equal--the apparent differences as unimportant--or if you feel threatened if anyone questions such assumptions; this site is not for you.

But if you celebrate the human differences, the uniqueness of every man and every woman, of every race and every culture; if you believe in the importance of instinctive sex roles and heritage;

If you believe in the glory of God's Creation, and that each of us is morally and economically responsible and accountable;

If you believe in private rights and private arms, in private sex and traditional values, you may enjoy going forward!
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Nov 24, 1999
"This web site is dedicated as a beacon in the night of this induced folly: A light to help those about to drown in a sea of Collectivist madness to find direction, the American direction back to shore."
Every psychopath hates the collective reflection of his madness. What the deviant, the sick, the sociopath crave is the pursuit of evil with a clear conscience. Only individualized collections of nut cases are safe ground for this type. The evolution of man to a higher state of consciousness is a tremendous threat to indigenous pockets of isolated stupidity.
"...whether one finds moral strength in family or in the promised security of a large collective...."
The collective is a scary word invented to subvert a hither reality. It is that we are a part of a big family and we are all the same.
As an American, it is neither my right nor my place to tell Europeans how they should resolve this or any other dilemma. Nor do I have any easy solution to offer. But this much is obvious: You will control your own futures, or they will be controlled for you.
The history of the psychopathology is one of excessive control. That control becomes internalized as a form of tyrannical self control. This gives rise to an authoritarian, anti-authoritarian mentality as such people fend against the windmills of their mind, their own invisible over-controlling egos. The externalize these demons out onto the world and live in constant fear their lives will become subject to the wills of others. That happened long ago in their forgotten, repressed, childhoods.

The struggle of human evolution is to collectively evolve as a collective to the benefit of the collective. The danger is that the illness of control leads to a need to control. That which is good for humanity is always in danger of being subverted to that which eases the fears of the endless pit of fears of the insane. True good will always be hounded by the evil of the false self, the self that exists because we refuse to look at who we are, the inner illness of self hate we cannot admit.