Garmin gps?


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Aug 10, 2011
Have had a series of Garmin GPS's, and loved each one of them. An essential if you keep driving to newer places, but of course useless if you only do the home-work-mall run. (Though - even if you use it just a couple of times of the year for vacations and stuff, worth it)

But the bigger problem is in deciding which one you want to buy! You can easily get lost in the long list of models they offer :

I forget what I had way back, but couple of years ago I used to have the Nuvi 265W; after it was stolen, I got the Nuvi 1350, and have no complaints with either of them.

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Feb 18, 2004
your mileage may vary, but I love my Garmin GPS... I've tried making the switch over to cellphone GPS, but I just find the standalone unit to be a lot more accurate and feature-rich.

I just bought one of the newest Garmins a few weeks ago to replace my aging unit -- the nüvi 3490LMT -- and took it on a trip to Los Angeles with me. it was pretty invaluable as I drove ~350 miles over the course of the week in and around the LA area.


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Oct 8, 2011
I've had a Tom-Tom and now a Garmin. I very much liked the Tom-Tom user interface but had issues with any update. My Garmin updates fine and I believe is more accurate than the Tom-Tom.


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Mar 4, 2000
Just finished a trip to the mountain regions of California using a new Garmin 2550. It performed flawlessly, and was useful even where I knew the route just using the Map Mode. Due to California law, I placed it in the so-called "beanbag" dashboard mount, and that was great. Easy to hide when stopped for a meal or overnight.

I selected Garmin because of prior experience with them - they were initial developers of GPS systems for DoD back in the 80s. I trust their accuracy.

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Apr 20, 2012
I bought on about a month ago and I love it. I got the simple widescreen one from Walmart and I cannot say anything negative about it. I have taken it on three trips so far and it's been very very accurate and is very easy to use. If I had to state the "cons" would only be that it has to be updated every few years but I am sure all the brands of GPS have to be updated because highways change every day somewhere. My advice is to get one and you will wonder what you ever did without it. I refer to mine as "my friend, Garmin".

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Sep 13, 2001
i used a garmin when on my honeymoon in hawaii 3 years ago and came back and immediately bought one. they are pretty awesome. i forget what model it is but it's just one of the regular widescreen nuvi's.

it definitely is better than a cellphone IMO. the closest i've used is Navigon, but it's still not as nice as the garmin, and is pricey.

but now my wife and i both have infiniti's with built in GPS, so I doubt i will use the garmin much at all now. the built in GPS is much nicer in that it's seamlessly built into the dash and we never have to worry about hiding it and putting it back up when parked.