Gamecube launches in japan

Feb 24, 2001
another post that may not be proper in light of the recent events, but the gamecube launched in japan. reports came in to a less than steller reception, but nintendo has not advertised the system. famitsu as well as other sites are reporting larger lines now as much as 150 people. given that there are 2 typhoons and the marketing blitz hasnt begun yet most sources are saying the cube is doing quite well. toys r us reported having sold 80% of their units.

no one was expecting a ps2 like launch, it has been the launch nintendo wanted it to be. quite, no hype, and a chance for people able to walk in and get one (though there are reports that some stores broke the release date a few days ago when given extra money for the system). all 3 games for the japan launch have gotten gold in famitsu, quite respectible. below are direct feed movies from ign and some website that had luigi (ign was unable to get luigi until tomorrow). also are some pics from gamespot.





for the xbox fans there are hands on impressions of halo, bloodwake, fuzion frenzy, and oddworld on gamespot and ign.