Game locks up in dual screen mode... why?


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May 5, 2001
I have an AMD X2 3800+ system, which until a few days ago had a 7800 GT video card, and now I have an 880GTS 512 MB card. Prior to the new card I was able to run, albiet slowly, City of Heroes on my system with dual screens. 1. Viewsonic VX 924 & the other monitor is a the BenQ 241VW. But now with the 8800 I am unable to run City of heroes in dual display mode (i.e. DualView). When I try, the game locks and the CPU usage spikes at 100% until I end task the game.

Windows XP Service Pack 2, with Direct X9.0c
Drivers :
& even tried the latest and greast drivers.

Any thoughts on the cause, or resolution?