Free way to convert RAW images?


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Oct 15, 1999
I am using an old Canon digital rebel (the first model) and capture everything in raw for maximum quality.

I did have a trial of capture one pro I used to decode the raw images but that has expired.

I am using vista, and the preview program tells me to download the canon raw codec, and I do, but it doesn't work, and canon doesn't provide a utility that I know of.

Any freeware way to convert my raws to jpgs?


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Sep 7, 2006
Canon's Digital Photo Professional should probably have been included with the cam. If you dont' have the original discs though, the latest versions is always available at Canon's website. The problem is that it won't let you install an update if you don't already have a version installed on your PC.

Google Raw Therapee, it's is supposed to be one of the better open source Raw editors. I think the GIMP might also convert raw files.

There are quite a few out there, but I'd suggest trying to get ahold of Canon's DPP. I've read about ways around the problem of not having the original installed when installing the update, you might have to search around for it.


May 4, 2001
Gimp will do it with a plugin, but I'll second Raw Therapee...I'm liking it so far. Both RT and Gimp's plugin use the dcraw library, so they should be functionally the same.

Lightroom 3 beta is free for now. It's definitely nice...but quite expensive when out of beta.

For the codecs (I assume you need 64-bit, 'cause I think Canon provides 32-bit), download the RAW codec pack from fast picture viewer

Lastly, I had to work around the lack of the original Canon disc as well (what a stupid policy). I just torrented a Canon disc, and used it for verification when installing DPP.
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