Framerate Problem with NFS:HS but not other games


May 17, 2000
I have very funny problem with the NFS:HS on PIII 800EB with Voodoo3 2000PCI on Windows98SE and this is the only operating system with this Pentium machine. I have Seagate Baracudda 7.2k rpm and SB Live!. Note: everything in my system is driver updated. My game NFS:HS runs so horribly that it is clearly, unplayable. Im guessing about 3 to 5 fps when playing NFS:HS with overal medium details setting at 1024 x 768. 3 to 5 frames per second is not acceptable. About same time I also had some system registry files problem too right before boots windows and loose bunch of drivers I have installed and any changes i made in windows seting appearance preference. However It seems tobe fixed but the "bad" framerates are still the same whenever I play NFS:HS. But the game SportsCar GT plays beautifully(very fast, almost no frame drops what so ever). So I tried something.. I removed the Voodoo3 latest beta driver tools then after reboot, I installed the original CD voodoo3 driver(03-1999). The graphics were weird in the some of the games and played the NFS:HS much much better, it was playable. It seemed about 6- 7 times faster than before!!! I said this is weird. I tried this whole chain of steps over and over and over and over , and the result was the same as I stated above. With the game SCGT played very well nomatter what kind of drivers I used on the voodoo card. Can someone explain to me what is the problem here and how to fix it? By the way I did try wiping out HD many times too and fresh install Windows but i get Exact same result. And whether the my voodoo card was overclocked or not, I get bad framerates on the NFS:HS period!