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frame rate issues with new GTX 660 in starcraft

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Oct 4, 2010
I agree that something doesn't sound right, but the game did get a lot more graphically demanding with the expansion.

However, switching from AMD to nvidia can cause strange driver problems. I think OP should remove all driver software, run Driver Fusion, and reinstall the nvidia drivers.

Still, I think the bottleneck for most people is going to be the CPU. OP should definitely look at overclocking his CPU. A 1000MHz increase is pretty easy on a 760.
Feb 19, 2009
SC2 will crush stock CPUs, especially if you are playing vs multiple AIs. Its not very well multithreaded (like all bliz games) and its very heavy on the CPU. If you want to see if its the GPU fault, use an on screen display or gpuz running in the background while you play, see the % of GPU load.

I know even my 3570K struggles with 7 AI and big battles.

The point is SC2 simply doesn't take advantage of multi core cpus very well and thus, it becomes the huge bottleneck.
Sep 21, 2007
So I toggled off all the AA and texture filtering in the nvidia control panel and ran the uni-engine benchmark with the following results:
FPS = 48.5
Score = 1221
Min FPS = 11.4
Max FPS = 101.3

quality was set to high with other options disabled. I have no idea how this card should post on this benchmark.

I jumped into some arcade games with 4v4 and upped all setting to ultra with cpu settings at medium and it is running with about 40-60 FPS so I think the nvidia control panel AA settings was the trick.
Though it did drop into the single digits late game but there were like 8oo units on the board so I can understand that.

I overclocked my first core 2 duo, but decided not too with this one. Don't have an aftermarket fan so..meh I guess on the overclock. I have not looking into it much on how to overclock the i series of chips.

Thanks for the help, seems I am all set.
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