Former GA Governor Lester Maddox dies


Oct 9, 1999

Lester G. Maddox, 87, a Georgia restaurateur who drove blacks from his business with ax handles and parlayed the resulting publicity into political power, becoming in 1967 the state's last openly segregationist governor, died today in an Atlanta hospice.

Okay, looks like they're all gone. Can we move past the omnipresent, preemptive stereotype of southerners as racist now?


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Jul 29, 2001
Is he the founder of the Denneys resturant chain?

You know he does'nt sound terrible. His opinon was forced intergration was just as bad as forced segregation.

""I think forced racial segregation was wrong," he said. "I think it was just as wrong to force integration."

This is the definition of a libertarian or true republican. Most every party today embraces a federalist policy.

In fact many of his works supported blacks:

"At 19, he was a supervisor at the Atlantic Steel Co., and recalled in interviews that he was fired for refusing to give pink slips to two black employees who were said to have spoken with union organizers. "

"called for massive jail reforms after escaped black prisoners came to the governor's mansion to make their case against injustices."