Forgotten hidden items


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May 20, 2001
I used to hide money all over the place. One time my mom pulled out the family bible and a 1000 bucks fell out and I was like "Oh, yeah..." Sometimes I still find stuff I put away for safe keeping.

Today were cleaning out the attic and my wife says she found a bb gun. I went and looked and it was my oldest boys. I caught him shooting at a neighbor kid when he was 12 ( he is 32 now ). I hid it and whenever he asked about it I would tell him it was another month until he got it back...It got forgotten.

Next time he comes over I am gonna give it back and tell him I think he has learned his lesson and if he does it again he won't get it back :p


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May 15, 2015
Haha, the nice thing about Alzheimer's is that you get to meet new people every day. Kidding and apologies to anyone who's known a victim of the disease. I'm a couple years behind on my reading (very long story) but last I checked, the cause was still a mystery. Even so, progress is being made.

I will say this though. Again, last I looked, it seems to be the result of inefficient garbage collection in the brain. When you sleep, special channels in the brain dilate so disposal can proceed. Poor sleep, especially not getting into the deeper phases (III and IV?), as with sleep apnea for example is/was believed to be part of the disease process.

Sorry for the tangent but anyway, discovering forgotten things is quite a nice experience. In my case, I have shit from a couple generations I've never even looked at. So far, no terrifying discoveries, but I'll keep my guard up regardless. Ooo, a rhyme.