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Jun 25, 2006

In pictures:

Surprisingly good, and fairly interesting list. The article on the whole appreciates the contribution of PC gaming, while the "in pictures" bit gets most of it right. Portal especially deserves the praise. A couple of things though...

Bioshock: This atmospheric first-person shooter game drew players in to a unique dystopian setting and broke ground with a storyline that forced players to make moral decisions.

Gotta love the mainstream press. While I loved Bioshock, moral decisions aren't anything new. And Bioshock felt a lot like a lighter version of System Shock 2, and even Deus Ex to some extent.

The Witcher: This PC role-playing game is based on a popular Polish fantasy book series. It's received praise for tackling social issues, including racism and sexual violence, and for forcing players to make complex moral choices.

Always good to see The Witcher get recognition.