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For the first time this election season

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Feb 26, 2006
For us Democrats, the current election cycle is a sad thing. From my POV, we have 2 more candidates snapping at each others' throats, doing all kinds of mud-slinging, while they SHOULD be attacking the Republican handling of our country and economy instead. In the end, I believe we're going to have yet another 4 years of Republican leadership to drag our country further and further into a depression.

I really don't think either of the 2 remaining Democratic candidates is electable by a majority of people in this country. Both are too polarizing and have too many people who hate them so much that they'll vote for a Republican rather than for one of these candidates. Obama because he's Black, Hillary because she's...Hillary...and a Clinton.

I do not forsee good things for our nation over the next 4 years.