Flood damage/Pre damage..ect

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Aug 3, 2005
Well If some of you know shit loads of rain got dropped into Aventura/North Miami/Hallendale Area. 7inchs +.

Now my car was parked in a parking lot that was designed horrible and floods.

When I got to work it was good no flooding at all. When I got out of work, Water was up on the skirts and maybe more. I parked backwards on a slight incline so my Exhaust tips are probably out of the water. I had to get a ride home from a friend whose car wasn't in a bad place.

Interior might be fubard, I could not really check, and I did not want to move my car.

Anything special things I should make sure before trying to fire it up, Other then water in the intake? No I did not unplug the battery which I prob should of just walked into knee deep water to do.

You know the target shopping carts? Well The water was touching the bottom of the basket. Hope the water level is not bad around 8am/9
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