Flight attendants murdered


Sep 6, 2000
everyone on the plane was murdered... a better thread title would be, "Flight attendants killed while trying to defend cockpit from being comandeered"


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Feb 24, 2000
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, I am filled with so many raw emotions. I just came back from having dinner with a friend at an Italian restaurant, everyone from young to old from all background and races were discussing this. It's clearly impacted people on the national and international level.

I have copy/pasted this article for those of you cursed with 56k dial-up:


Terrorists slit throats
of 2 AA stewardesses
Flight attendants 'were trying to stop them from getting inside the cockpit'


By Paul Sperry
© 2001 WorldNetDaily.com

WASHINGTON -- Terrorists who hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston Tuesday morning slit the throats of two female flight attendants who tried to bar them from entering the cockpit, an American Airlines employee told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview.

The terrorists then forced their way into the locked cockpit and commandeered the Boeing 767 to New York, where they slammed it into one of the World Trade Center towers. The flight, carrying 81 passengers, was bound for Los Angeles.

A third stewardess aboard the nine-crew flight used her cell phone to alert another American Airlines stewardess back at Logan Airport about the hijacking and murders. The terrorists were armed with knives and box-cutters.

"It was horrific," said the senior American Airlines employee, who works at Logan and said goodbye to the crew at the terminal. "They were trying to stop them from getting inside the cockpit."

The plane left the gate at about 7:45 a.m. The cell phone call was placed about 30 minutes later, the source says. The jet crashed into the World Trade Center building at about 8:45 a.m. Soon after, a United Airlines jet sliced through the twin tower.

According to the American source, the American captain managed to turn on the cockpit intercom, apparently without the terrorists knowing, allowing flight controllers to pick up cockpit conversation. The terrorists had turned off the plane's transponder, the equipment that identifies the plane and provides other information to flight controllers tracking it by radar.

As part of their investigation, FBI agents and Massachusetts state troopers have interviewed American Airlines employees and Logan airport workers, including custodians working the morning shift, to rule out an inside job.



Paul Sperry is Washington bureau chief for WorldNetDaily.


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Jun 30, 2000
I'm not sure if I totally believe this story because the planes transponders were not deactived as it reports. What was mentioned on msnbc was that the sterwardesses at the back of the plane were getting killed and the pilots left the cabin to tryto help, giving the terrorists entrance to the cockpit


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Feb 12, 2001
I think the pilots made a big mistake leaving the cockpit to help. It would be cold - but that door is supposed to stay closed. I'd probably go try to help the stews too though...

If the door stayed locked though, how tuff are those doors? Could they be battered down? I'd assumed that the hijackers used guns to shoot the door off...


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Nov 14, 2000
The doors aren't very tough at all. Probably a kick or two and you could get in. There are so many versions of this story its really hard to tell what happened at this time, other than a lot of people are dead. :(


Feb 22, 2000
guess that answers why none of the people in the plane decide to do anything...

if i saw two attendants killed right in front of my eyes, that would render me to be scared sh**less...

and im sure if the factionist took the time to train them to fly a commercial jet plane, they also took the time to train them in armed combat...

today is a sad day...


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Jan 11, 2000
Who could ever guess, ever imagine, that they would crash the plane into a building. It is beyond comperhension. I they had knowledge of what their fate was perhaps they would have overcome the hijackers.