Question First custom loop build


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Apr 5, 2002
I am building my first custom loop. Everything is in the case but I still have to bend the tubes. I have watched a lot of JayzTwoCents videos about bending tubes and I have a lot of extra tubing if I make a mistake. I have planed out my route through the case I know in what order I will be fitting the tubes in place.

The 24 pin cable has been attached and has the jumper cap and the power cable to the pump. The other power cables are waiting to plugged after the loop is filled.

I also got Corsair air pump to pressure test the loop before an liquid goes into it. How long should I wait before remove the air?

From what I have read I should also flush out the loop with distilled water. Is there something better? I know Jay said to use distilled water to flush the pre-mixed colored coolant out every year.

Any other tips for me? Thanks.