fax machine frequency and support by mobile reception?


May 15, 2016
so i am paying $20 a month for eFax to get / send occasional fax

then i though why isn't there an app for a smartphone that would be able to transmit / receive an occasional fax? all on its own without thirf party ...

i bet you probably better have a pretty clear reception ..

bht is there a frequency issue ? has this been tested ?

this would be same as trying to connect via dial up internet (AOL days) to 14.4k or 28k or 36k or 56k modem

i guess i can easily test it by
a - trying to get a fax and record the soubd it makes (my recorder better be set to get this frequency) and then call a fax machine and try to play it back
b - better yet get a .wav recording ... and call a fax machine from my cell to try to send a fax

thank you
PS maybe someone can recommend a cheap good alternative to eFax
OR if you want to share the price of my eFax for $4 a month - this would give you a fax # we would share and an ability to send/recieve faxes from email! pm me ..

John Connor

Nov 30, 2012
I used dial-up on a Comcast voice modem once. LOL Had to FTP to a very, very old netbook made by HP to get drivers. It didn't have USB or anything other then a PCMCIA network card. Luckily Win 98 sees dial-up modems by default.