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Question Exchange and clients who need to keep large amounts of email

Oct 29, 2015
Hopefully I can make this situation clear,

So I have a user at a site that I manage that due to the nature of his job he id very often storing large amounts of emails to check back through later on. I'm currently waiting on a write up from him on the exact nature of his needs and which specific folders and mailboxes he's checking through, but essentially he is the parts order desk for their HVAC techs on the road.
So on the surface of what he has described his usage as so far is mainly being able to go back through the emails he's sent and received to check order dates, parts numbers. That sort of stuff.

Now the reoccurring issue he keeps running into is that the size of his OST file usually sits somewhere around the 60GB mark with the large volume of emails and some containing attachments (pictures of parts, forms), which will cause issues with him being able to use the search function because of the large amount of indexing that needs to happen.
He's been a bit vague on how far back he needs to regularly go back in older emails but I'm hoping to find that out in the write up.

Now this site has a local server running Exchange 2007 and due to that this user is running Outlook 2013. There is another user that also periodically looks into this mail box on his own PC but doesn't appear experience this same issue.

Just curious if anyone else has run into a similar situation for user needs and found a solution.