EVGA 7900GT RMA question


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Jul 2, 2001
I asked this on EVGA forums and havnt got an answer yet. Maybe I can get some input from someone who has actually done an RMA with a modified EVGA card.

I have the older batch 7900GT. The original fan/heatsink was replaced with a VF900 as well as putting the ram sinks on the memory chips. I was having a few weird artifacty type issues and read on the EVGA forum informing people to do an RMA for a newer batch card that fixes issues. So I did a cross-ship rma for a new batch card, which I already received a few days ago.

Well...I dont have the screws for the original heatsink. So I cannot mount the original heatsink back on. Also, is it ok to carefully take the ram sinks off the memory chips and are they reuseable? Should I even bother removing them? Is it fine for me to ship the card back without the heatsink mounted? I read something on EVGA about them charging you 25% of cards cost if you dont ship it back as it originaly was. I am sure EVGA has many spare screws to mount it themselves if they needed but....I just dont want to get charged for something stupid like that. ANyone have any similar experience and shiped a card back without mounting the stock heatsink back again and had any issues?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.