Everyone In America Should Care About What Chipotle And Netflix Are About To Do

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Oct 30, 2008
Inb4 a certain rare steak hater comes in and tell us how bland Chipotle is because they only get chicken, rise, cheese and lettuce on it.


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Aug 13, 2009
Yes, but in this case all too often the price increase becomes permanent as they condition us for permanently higher prices for the same product.

I'd like to see a company like this eat some profit to maintain prices until the temporary production costs go back down again. That's the real problem is that they use these temporary shortages/production cost increases as a permanent means to increase profit margins. All the while, they're not often passing off an increase in profit to their employees or even innovating with that money. Nope, they're giving investors more of it instead of turning it back into their business operations.

No business would arbitrarily raise prices unless they had to do so for a very good reason. When a single business raises its prices but others in its industry do not then that just creates an incentive for their competition to figuratively eat their lunch when competing on the factor of price.

With both Chipotle and Netflix you have enough competitors in play that raising prices for no other reason other then to try to nickel and dime their customers would leave them both open to their rivals gaining an edge on the price of their goods and services after a while. So there is way more to the picture behind the separate and distinct reasons why both companies raised their prices for their products. Of which you have a crap ton of alternatives to choose from if you do not like what they are selling.

For example with Netflix who just finished handing over Comcast billions of dollars just so that they would not throttle down their service. Then you have competitors like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Hulu, etc all looking to and willing to take a piece out of Netflix's profit pie. Therefore assuming that this move was done just because they are "greedy" is ignoring the reality of their business situation and the details involved that caused them to raise prices when they would rather keep their cost low/stable and not leave themselves vulnerable to attack on the pricing front.
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Aug 2, 2001
OP do you watch Continuum? That show would make your blood boil. Fantastic show nonetheless.

I really like that show, but I kinda feel they could be going much more with it. We'll see where season two goes. So far so good.

I'd gladly pay a few bucks more if they could get more/better content. My main gripe with them it's hard to find anything without going on a PC. They are always recommending crap. Wish they could get Stargate back on. Even better if someone picked up the rights and made more.

My kids have totally fucked my reccs to boot.
At least the amazon prime app on my TV has a search function.


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Jun 17, 2001
lol...you've visited every mom and pop burrito joint?

surely, you jest.

Realistically, chipotle is probably better than 80% of the mom/pop joints out there but will never reach to the levels of the last 20%.


Jun 23, 2005
Up front, most consumers may not even notice the price hikes because they're so small. But their capacity to spend will get squeezed.

And ultimately, without a jump in hiring or wages, this could all backfire on corporate America in the form of crumbling sales and collapsing profits.

eh we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, let it squeeze. :D


Nov 4, 2004
Realistically, chipotle is probably better than 80% of the mom/pop joints out there but will never reach to the levels of the last 20%.

Thanks for the info. I have no basis to make a comparison.

I've eaten Chipotle, but it wasn't as impressive to me as others. I make much better at home, so eating there is always a disappointing substitute.


Jun 24, 2003
Chipotle sucks. I can get much larger, better tasting burritos for less money at a couple of local chains. Chipotle is so bland.

That's what people need, burritos larger than Chipotle's.

Chipotle isn't bland if you order their authentic salsas on your food. Or if you add their proprietary Chipotle flavored hot sauce. I love that stuff.