Even using Intel's iCOMP benchmark program: AMD wins

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Oct 13, 1999
I know that people are just absolutely wild about overclocking their BX chipset. I'm sure the result is wonderful and all, but I'm just not
secure with a raid setup, DVD drive, and CD-RW drive in there running beyond and in mystery specs. Anybody know what frequency the IDE controller runs at? What frequencies would interfer? I know there was a fuss a while back with the 83 and 75 mhz bus screwing up people's hard drive. Don't want to risk any long term defect in some of the other more expensive components just to squeen in another 2-3 frames in QIII.
Mar 13, 2000
well,reading through the these posts has been quite interesting.i think bottomline is,if your happy with intel(i am) fine,same goes for amd.these arguments(i mean"discussions:) ) about whos the best,whos the fastest etc etc will go on till the cows come home...as i said,im more than happy at the moment with my 300+ free mhz out of my lowly p3600e,straight out of the box,no mods(like goldfingers,new power supplies etc etc)..im also happy with reliability and the stability intel bring along with the deal..as for the benchmarks,like i said before from a gamers point,my personal opinion is intel just takes the crown..im happy,that amd,after 10 years or more,with technology originally bought from intel:),have finally produced cpu's with performance equalling and in some cases exceeding intels..i have said it before,and i,ll say it again,amd have the capabilities,but they just deliver the goods to LATE!!!..as for the raging debate about cpu/memory and the like benchmarks,well when i saw those p4(willamette) scisoft scores on the net,i was blown(along with all current amd and intel)away!!!! you can have your thunderbirds,condoms(oops,i mean durons:)),spitfires,mustangs etc..as for this little black duck;GIMME P4 AND BEYOND!!!!!again,these are just one opinion,everyones got one...just to finish my little rave session(which may sound extremely intel biased,but believe me,when someone else does it better,i,ll be there!!!)..over at firingsquad they had a 'shootout' between the p3 and athlon 1 ghz..as expected,the athlon performed brilliantly and beat the pentium in a lot,NOT ALL of the tests..but what i found most interesting was their final conclusion(which i will cut'n paste here)....

"Final Thoughts
It's looking like the GHz Pentium III/BX133 combo is the fastest setup available right now. Pair this powerful combination with a GeForce 2 GTS card, and you'll be experiencing the equivalent of gaming nirvana. "

to a happy intel owner and half serious gamer,that summary is more than enough:) and even though the athlon is whipping pentium butt in a lot(again not all) benches etc the differnces are MINIMAL..

besides,intels next generation processor architecture is upon us..what will amds next gen stuff(without licensed intel technology) be like???.......time will tell.....


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May 24, 2000
Yeah, it was real interesting how the Thunderbird and Athlon won almost every single test, but they came to the conclusion that the P3 was the best. I guess AMD needs to win every single test, and then it would be what...a draw?! I love how you say Intel's next chip (Williamette) is upon us, but they can't even supply enough 800 and up coppermines now. I guess Intel will just keep "announcing" new chips (1.13ghz P3) months or years before they can even ship them reliably. Yeah, the BX chipset may be very stable and popular, but it is OLD. I guess I am crazy, but when the newer faster stuff comes out, I like a mobo that can support it. I know everyone says it doesn't matter, but wouldn't you like stuff like AGP 4x, ATA100, etc.? I had a BX chipset, but I got tired of buying these new and better pieces of hardware with new features that my mobo couldn't even use. Just my opinion. Also, what bus speed will be offered on the P4, I know the Mustang and next generation T-Birds will be using an upgraded EV6 bus that will be running a 266mhz DDR, that will be twice the speed of the P3/133. Also, strictly architecture wise, the Athlon is a more advanced CPU period. That is a fact. 7th generation vs. 6th generation... I guess some people will just blindly follow Intel when there are better products out there....

BTW- Have you seen the friggin' size of the P4???



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Mar 16, 2000
Hehe, the never-ending feud between AMD/Intel backers continues.
Ok I only have a few things to say. Since a little over a year ago, Intel's stock price has doubled, with them usually beating earnings by a few cents. AMD on the other hand has gone 5x, destroying all analysts estimates. Scoreboard baby.

DigitalJesus, I know you bribed(or killed, or something) somebody to somehow get ahold of those ghz chips, but still, Intel's ability to produce these is pathetic. Exactly how many of them are there in the world? Intel generally sells more chips because they are bigger. Think about who is buying the majority of these chips? "Duh, what's a GeForce?"

You're all debating about top of the line performance and I won't add to most of that. Yeah the original Athlon lost more tests than it won against the CuMine, but there was really no difference(small margin). While apparently the ThunderBird kicks all kinds of ass in several tests(with noticeable differences).

I think y'all should read this, which compares the(much more popular) lower end chips of the two companies:

How far has Intel improved and innovated their chips since the pentium 2? How much has AMD since the K6-2? Despite all of Intel's attempts to put AMD out of business, they're still here and making chips that:
a) cost less
b) have better performance(on high end and low end)
c) are produced in higher quantities



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Apr 7, 2000
my p3 800 EB run at 133fsb but still can not beat my ahtlon (107 fsb), wait until my v7700 come, i like to benchmark on that 2 system, and i will give the result on my web :)
Oct 12, 1999
This is a good thread. Here's some of my thoughts. First off I just switched to an Athlon "classic" 700 .18 on a Ka7 100 from a Celery 366@550 on a Asus P3bf. There are several reasons why. First reason is Price. The chip and board cost $335 which included tax at a local computer show. I was looking at a P3 650 cbo to overclock but the cheapest I was able to find was $250 plus tax. So for less than a $100 more I got a chip that in its unoverclocked state is faster plus a board that has more features than you can shake a stick at, including raid. Second is performance. Athlon setups are just as stable as Intel setups and they are improving everyday. Let's not try to make it sound like no one here has ever not had a problem with an Intel setup. Especially if you are an overclocker I know damn well you have had problems. As far as overclocking is concerned. Athlon pretty much require a bit more to overclock (ex. goldfinger), but generally seem to hit higher speeds 800+ better. Even the new cbo steppings don't appear to be perfect overclockers. Rickn got lucky to have a 650 hit those speeds. But that is rare. I would probably guess less than 1% of all P3 650's will do that, Rickn. And what is the difference in gaming 3fps? And that depends on the game, type of setup, os, etc. The Athlon is without question the better performing on more consistent basis than Intel. But when you get a good Intel setup it is faster but not by much and it is far more of a crap shoot.:)
Mar 27, 2000
For performance, this is just from looking at the benchmarks of sites that people listed in this thread and others I've seen around on the web, the Thunderbird beats the P!!! clock for clock. Although on certain benchmarks the P!!! does beat the Thunderbird but only on intels wonderful setup of i820 chipset running RDRAM and I'm pretty sure not too many people have that setup sitting at home. Also, I'm not sure how many people can tell the difference in 1-3 fps after 50.

As for overclockability goes I'd give the nod to intel. I think it's relatively easier and also more well known how to o/c an intel chip where as it's not as well known how to o/c an Athlon.

As for support, intel has better but AMD is not that shabby.

As for price I don't think ANYONE can argue that you can get an Athlon for a MUCH cheaper price than a P!!!

Oh, if anyone is wondering this is my current setup(s).

p3 450@600
cel2 566@935

I've had k6 200, k6-2 300 k6-2 400.

Since you have to evaluate ever aspect on the product before saying something is better, make your own conclusions.

Since the topic of the thread was performance (that's my take at least :) ) I'm giving my vote to the Thunderbird. Even in games!


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