Eve, talk to me good peaple about EVE


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Mar 26, 2005
Ok, I finaly get through the tutorial (and you gotta want to get through). Thats the least newb friendly tutorial I've ever seen. I take my first mission from agent. Ok theres some unwashed evil types in the next sector. Ok I can deal with this only to find that they respawn faster than I can kill them. Ok I get it I've got a newbie gun and newbie skills But OMG WTF its gonna take the far side of forever to skill up. Your skills go up when your not playing MY GOD I HOPE SO. Were still talking months? I gotta say though my first glance at the community is one big huge positive. Theres a lotta travel time here and one big huge learning curve. I guess at the moment I have got nothing better to do but it sure looks daunting from here. I guess my bottom line is I still dont know weather I'll like this game or not.


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Jan 18, 2004
A friend and I are going to start playing as well. Likely tomorrow. Why dont you PM me and we can be newbies together.


Sep 2, 2002
The problem with giving a decent EVE tutorial is that it is very open ended basically its a sandbox. What you get from the game is what you put into it. There is no "guide" per se on what to do, its all up to you.

During your newbie time the first 2-3 months.. the most important thing you will gain is contacts. The people that you meet during this period are the ones that will give you contacts around EVE in the future. You get news intel and stuff thats happening on the other side of the galaxy sometimes in real time. Your first player corp that you join and your first CEO that will determine whether you like the game or not.

On the higher level there are people playing regional market control within the empires and in 0.0 theres a MAJOR world war going on atm. Alot of newer players Ive found like to read up about the alliance politics and going of 0.0. So if you look into that you might find some interest there. Its a very hard game to describe, but if you get hooked, GL with the rest of your life heh...

To end, heres a screenshot from your local 0.0 10/10 complex on a 2405 FPW. Just a bit of the high end content that there is if you stick it out. Oh yeah and fleet battles when they go lag free are insane... the adrenalin rush is crazy.