Equivalent apps. on Android?

Discussion in 'Mobile Devices & Gadgets' started by Synomenon, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I have an iPhone 4 and have been thinking about picking up an Android tablet. I don't like the 10" form factor of the iPad. I've been looking at the HTC Flyer or WiFi Samsung Galaxy Tab..

    One thing keeping me from getting either though are the apps.. I don't have an Android device to play with so I haven't been able to search for equivalent Android apps. to my iOS apps.. Here are the iOS apps. I'd like to find equivalents for before going to Android (in no specific order):

    - AcidSolitaire (probably the most polished / highest quality solitaire suite I've played)
    - iCircuit
    - EMD PTE
    - iShoot 2
    - Moonlight Mahjong
    - StarMap 3D Plus
    - Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy
    - SkyView
    - Star Walk
    - Starmap Pro.
    - Vocabology
    - Words With Friends
    - Hanging With Friends
    - a2z Pro (Unit Converter
    - Bejeweled 2 + Blitz
    - Bookworm
    - MS OneNote
    - Nightstand Central
    - Reeder
    - Shazam Encore
    - Skype
    - Pandora Radio
    - Wolfram Alpha
    - Facebook

    Anyone here with experience with any these apps. on iOS and has moved to Android?
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    Some of those have native Android versions already, Skype, Pandora, Facebook, Wolfram Alpha, and Bejeweled are the one's I know off the top of my head. Amazon and B&N both have e-reader apps, in their Kindle and Nook apps, but there's also Aldiko and Lapunta for public domain and self published books.

    I also know there's plenty of Solitaire games, though I don't play them on my phone too much. Quality varies a lot with the card games.

    I'd be wary on the Galaxy Tab WiFi though, it got hit the nerf bat pretty hard, its only an OMAP36x0/SGX530, compared to the Hummingbird/SGX540 in the 3G model. Only about half as fast. In the 7in size, you might want to look at the Acer Iconia A100 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9, though both aren't released just yet.
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    thats what I got.

    why do you have like 6 different sky map applications though?
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    for one note as far as i know there are two options:

    start using evernote
    or get mobilenoter, which i have, but isnt feature-rich yet and is a little pricey. they were fast about updates right when it came out, but i emailed them the other day and itll be the end of summer before it gets updated again. their iphone app seems pretty nice, so im hoping the android version will be comparable pretty soon