EQ2 Game Update 38 Preview


Jun 23, 2001

I particularly like the new appearance tab and dual wield changes. :) Finally, I can wear my monk jammies again and look bad ass. :D

Game Update 38 Preview

With Block Party, Fan Faire, Legends of Norrath, Gen Con, and more stealing the headlines in the last month, it's very easy to forget that EverQuest II is still receiving regular Game Updates. Especially with all the excitement hovering over Rise of Kunark and everything that comes with an expansion. That said the EQII Dev Team is working just as hard to continue to deliver quality game updates through all of this excitement. Game Update 38 will be coming to the live servers in mid-September, let's take a look at some of the features coming your way soon!

The Master of Mischief
Has your character always wanted to devote themselves to Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, the Grand Prankster? In Game Update 38 the Royal Trickster returns to Norrath! Tobel Patadash, the self-declared Prophet of Bristlebane can be found at the docks of the Enchanted Lands sharing his vision for the return of another deity.

New Appearance Tab
Have you ever had to choose between that really great looking piece of armor and the one that gives you the best bonuses in a fight? Does your character look more like a fashion disaster than a hero? Game Update 38 will feature a new "Appearance" tab on your inventory window that will allow you to equip clothing items that will set your characters appearance. Gone are the days when you have to choose between fashion and function!

Items equipped on the appearance tab will not convey any benefits to the character wearing them, but they will override the visual appearance of the character. Slots not related to clothing will be disabled on the appearance tab as they do not contribute to how a character looks. This tab will be enabled on PvP servers as well!

Unrest Becomes Persistent
Following on the heels of the use of the persistent raid zone technology in the Emerald Halls from GU37, the Estate of Unrest will now incorporate this new technology, allowing groups to save their progress in the zone and return at a later date. This is the second zone to use the persistent instance technology and we hope that players enjoy the ability to take in Unrest at their own pace.

Dual Wield Changes
The "Dual Wield" weapon designation will be removed in GU38. Weapons that previously held this identifier will now either be One Handed, Main Hand, or Off Hand weapons. This will increase the selection of weapons available to characters that wield two weapons, and the resulting increase of damage (all weapons will be on par with their One Handed equivalent now) will be balanced by a 33% increase in the base delay while wielding two weapons. The end result is that dual wield characters will have more weapons, deal more damage per attack, but remain at the same damage over time ratio due to the increase in the delay.
As you can see, the dev team is hard at work making sure that there is a wealth of content headed toward EQII well before the RoK expansion! Watch the EQ2Players.com website for a sneak peek at the new content in the coming week, and keep an eye on the official EQII forums for more information as it becomes available.