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Epox motherboard with Post code FF


Junior Member
Apr 18, 2004
After working for 2 weeks, my computer will not boot and I am getting a FF POST code. Someone had suggested replacing the video card (currently ATI 9200) to allow some changes to the CMOS. I tried this with no success. Any suggestions?


Jun 16, 2000
same as with my old EPoX mainboard.. 4PEA+, FF was an all clear post.

maybe your video card is kaput.


Mar 11, 2004

FF normally means the system is free to boot to your OS. But if the system powers on straight to FF then it has completely bypassed processing any BIOS code.

If you are having trouble booting the system and getting a screen try the following multi-step procedure. Power off your system first before completing any of the following tips.

1) Check CMOS clear jumper JP1 (JBAT1 on some systems). Set for CLEAR for 5 seconds, then move back.
2) Check CPU host clock jumpers (if any) are properly set. Note: does not control memory bus.
3) Check your power supply. Should be 110/115v for North America.
4) Unplug all data cables for IDE and FDD from the motherboard.
5) Unplug all power supply cables attaching to your IDE and FDD drives.
6) Remove all cards and devices EXCEPT for video, RAM, CPU, CPU heatsink/FAN.
7) Move memory into a different bank, if available.
8) Unplug the CPU and reattach.
9) Ensure your CPU heatsink/FAN is attached properly to the CPU.
10) If you use a variable RPM fan ensure its set for full speed.
11) Retest.

12) If 1-11 do not help power off and test the motherboard outside the computer case to eliminate a case/motherboard power short.

13) Retest. If the board now works check for case problems. If the system still is not working continue...
14) You may have a possible hardware problem. Any device in the system may be a possible culprit. Use process of elimination to determine the cause. Swap out as many components as possible starting with RAM, CPU, POWER SUPPLY, VIDEO CARD (if present) and/or MOTHERBOARD.

Warranty notice: Please be aware that some dealers offer in-store warranty policies. You should contact your dealer to verify the terms of your warranty before performing any tips that EPoX tech support may reply with. Some dealers do not allow much troubleshooting without voiding their warranty. This is especially true if you purchased your EPoX product as part of a system or build-to-order (BTO) package from the dealer.