Epox 8kha+, GF2 Ultra - Corrupt Video


Apr 3, 2002
My setup:
I'm running an Epox 8kha+ with a GeForce2 Pro 64mb DDR and 1 512 Mb Stick of Mushkin Registered 2100 DDR.. The only other devices in the system is a regular floppy, 16x DVD, and a 60gb Maxtor HD.. (It's only showing up as a 2~ gig HD.. I used Fdisk under dos (from a win95 machine.. long story))

I'm running Win98 SE.. The latest VIA 4in1s and the latest Detonator drivers from nvidia.. Oh yah, the latest Epox drivers for my mobo too..

My problem:

Corrupt Video.. On bootup, there are various random characters that are missing/the wrong character/the wrong color.. Also, when I get in Windows, (it boots fine) random pixels are different colors.. They change color/location as I type, but not when I move my pointer over them.

I've tried:

I updated all the drivers.. I went to the websites & they had a list of BIOS options to be enabled/disabled.. Did that..

More recently, I booted into windows & it started installing drivers for all my motherboard functions (yay!).. But, it tries to install two copies of Standard 101 key keyboard and Direct Memory Access Controller.. If I remove one, it just reinstalls next time I boot..

I'll keep posting here what I try and the results.. If anyone can help me PLEASE do so.. I just bought this sytem off of the fs/ft forum.. If the vid card is bad, I dont want to wait a month before trying to return it..



Apr 23, 2000
You should test the card in another PC(like a friends) to see if it`s faulty,anyway you did disable all video shadowing in bios,disable system bios cacheable,disable fastwrites, AGP aperture size set to 64mb or 128mb.

<< It's only showing up as a 2~ gig HD.. I used Fdisk under dos (from a win95 machine.. long story)) >>

Early WIN95 (pre B version) uses FAT16 ,so that`s why you`ve that 2GB limit,I would redo it with a WIN98 disk, try (bootdisk.com),also make sure the old drivers are removed,I would reformat and do it again in FAT32 & reinstall OS,test the card in another PC first to make sure it`s not faulty.


Senior member
Jan 23, 2002
i know this isnt really what you are looking for, but it would probably be a good idea to just wipe the drive clean, reclaim your missing 58GB, and reinstall windows.