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Epic Stuffs Head in Sand - UT3 Postmortem

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Jun 24, 2004
I would like to know where all these 854000 people are. Why are there only a few hundred online at any given point, and hardly anybody in non-vehicle CTF?


Jun 2, 2005
Originally posted by: EvilComputer92
It's seems like Epic pulled off another UT2003. Perhaps we will get a UT 3.5 in years time?

On a another note, it appears UT3 is still staying alive with 854K copies
The simExchange is predictions, not actual sales.

Notice they have the Xbox 360 listed as 1.02M copies, yet it isn't even available yet.
Oct 30, 2004
Originally posted by: coloumb
Alas - all they've done is re-hash the same wheel since UT99.
UT99 with better game types, better net code, a better user interface, a better server browser, some new game types and maps, etc., would be just fine. Why? Because the game is an online bloodsport akin to a real world sport like basketball or a game like chess. The basic game play itself is timeless and fun to play so it's OK to repeat it.

UT99 fans didn't want UT 2003; they wanted a real, bona-fide UT99-2. Had Epic made UT 2003 a real UT99-2 and stuck with that without borking the user interface and server browser in UT3, the game would probably still be going strong even if it had the same UT99 style of game play.
Oct 30, 2004
Originally posted by: shortylickens
And since I didnt like the new version of Domination, it would almost be less playable, except for the Assault mode is part of the basic game.
UT99 Domination...those were the days. That game type totally rocked. Did you play it on TheGamebox.net 3-team DOM server?

Oct 30, 2004
Originally posted by: lxskllrI've played GOTY, and while I like it better than UT3, it isn't as fun as 2k4. Everybody complains about nerfed weapons in the 2kx series, the game just rewards accuracy with the weapons. Spamming isn't as rewarding as it is in the other games. You have to hit your target to get a frag in 2k4, not launch 6 rockets down a hallway, or get the 1 metre high headshot with sniper like in GOTY.
Maybe you should give UT99 CTF a try on the semi-competitive level? Come try a UT99 CTF pickup-games (PUG) match sometime. It's a spontaneously organized 5-on-5 clan match style match but you sign up to play whenever you want and you have to use Teamspeak2 voice comm. ...And trust me...it takes much much more than just spamming rockets and flak.

IRC SERVER: irc.GameRadius.net
CHANNEL: #speedpug (125 speed regular weapons UT99 CTF)

One of the problems with UT 2004, IMHO, is that the floaty-dodgyness turned the non-vehicle game types into a game of hitscan only--shock primary and lightening. So, if you didn't have amazing hitscan ability, you were screwed. Perhaps that's why Onslaught (vehicles) ended up as the premier UT 2004 game. In UT99, CTF was the main game, but in UT 2004 it's empty. My theory is that the hitscan-emphasis and floaty-dodgyness killed UT 2004 CTF.