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Jan 21, 2006
First, a little background info. is a non-advertising website who has a "pass the basket" event every quarter. It used to be $70,000 to keep the website running for 3 months. Recently that has increased to $100,000.

I finally sent Justin an email, being as kind as I could about his avoidance of certain subjects. Below I have pasted the email. I have basically told him, if you want to impress me, put a link to TIU's "Israel did 9-11 - All the Proof in the World" front & center on the website.

Somewhat sadly, it is possible that will now be down-sized or stopped. They have had trouble "meeting their numbers" this time. I thought it was time to send the man an email.

Why Give $$ to ?

Hi Justin

I have been reading for about 5 years. I have never contributed money towards the running of the website.

However, I have contributed towards other paying websites. Specifically, (FTW), and

I contributed to FTW because it brought the world information they couldn't get anywhere else during the 2002 to 2006 years of the Bush administration - critical years for the world.

I have Paypal'ed to Daryl @ because of his outstanding work in bringing together a library of books that illustrate painfully clearly the role of Israel and Israel-supporters in various wars and criminal acts which affect us all. Daryl taught me that to be anti-Israel is not anti-Jewish, and that the word "anti-Semitic" is a compliment, because it is only used to try to neutralize a valid criticism of past or present criminal behavior by someone who is Jewish. has always seemed to subscribe to the Official Conspiracy Theory version of many events, such as 9-11. Therefore, you have little, or nothing, to offer people who want to know who demolished WTC7, for example.

In other words, offers people who are looking for Conspiracy Fact, more Conspiracy Theory, thereby muddying the waters of thought & history.

I can only conclude that this is a reflection of your personal editorial bias. Or, perhaps you have people breathing down your neck who won't let you link to threads such as this -
"Israel did 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD"

Ognir, the brains behind (TIU), is an Irish man who runs a computer store. He runs the website at little cost. All the posts are by members, which means that some of the threads are less than informative. And some of the threads knock every baseball in the bag, out of the park.

If you want to impress the world of Anti War people, why not put these URL's front & center on your home-page, and then bring your own considerable intellect to bear on the subject ?

I guess that's a rhetorical question. You have obviously had more than 15 years to cogitate on this question, and your website is the answer.

In short, I don't contribute $$ to because you avoid certain very important subjects. You might have 'a good heart', but I'm not wealthy and can't afford to give people money merely because they have a good heart.

Sincere Regards,

Yours Truly


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Jul 29, 2001
I've read a lot longer than you. They were actually raking in 200K a quarter at height of Iraq carnage. I don't read his anti Semitic BS tho.


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Jan 26, 2007

site closed today, and yet theyre still asking for donations. sounds like a boatload of money just to run a small site anyway...


Jan 21, 2006
Why does it cost so much to run that site ?It's not image intensive.

it's a small news website. they actually write editorials and scour the web for war-related news articles.

but they could obviously raise some revenues with ads.


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Oct 9, 1999
OP, do you really believe Israel was behing 9/11?

Countries have allies who support common interests, not friends, so, yes, Israel's interests have not always been completely aligned with ours, and they have used spies to steal critical intel from us, but . . .

To believe Israel would go so far as to fly civilian planes into the World Trade Center, you'd have to go down a rabbit hole so deep and crazy you'd probably never see daylight again.


Jun 3, 2002
lmao. I swear, the Israeli conspiracy nuts are the worse of them all, worse than Truthers.


Oct 24, 2005
The Op must have gotten a hold of lemon law`s mushroom provider.....
It seems like the Op has been going over the deep end quite a bit lately......

Anti-Zionism is the pussy way of saying/admitting "I hate Jews."


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Nov 11, 2006
They raise over $50,000 to run some crummy website and yet they call the fundraising campaign a disaster.


Jan 21, 2006
keyboard is broke - using on-screen keyboard.

suggest these references re. 9-11

9-11 Timeline

WTC Building Demolition

Means part of Means Motive Opportunity
"Israel did 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD"

inside bush-cheney WH - Ruppert book - Crossing the Rubicon
"Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil"

one other ref. - the Bible.

when Jesus use term "Synogogue of Satan", what was Jesus talking about ?
Jesus = non-criminal Jew
non-criminal Jew criticize criminal Jews.
they crucify him.