Einstine running out of work?


Aug 16, 2010
Looking this morning, i have two more WU to go before i am out. Hitting the update button brings no joy.:)

In an hour i will be working on them and no more to start if there is no more sent.

But i have 15k + points in the pending folder.

I guess i will switch to prime grid and run a full set of 12 PSP (LLR) to see how well i can do it and if i get no errors.

I have one running now on one thread, just to see how long it takes to do one with the machine at full load. it just crossed 50% this morning at 36 hours. So it looks like i can do one in about 72 hours or so.

i'll get some track time for the race car before the race.

Good test i am thinking for the race Sept 24th.


May 22, 2007
sorry I missed this the other day. first off make sure that you are running boinc in advanced mode. when you try to "update" your project, go immediately to messages and see what it says. it will tell you why you're not getting more wu's. probably server is down for maintenance or is out of work. this happens on many projects, it is highly recommended to have multiple projects set up just in case something like this happens.

edit: you can also set your computer to keep more days' work in the queue. go: advanced/preferences/network usage/additional work buffer. set this to 4 or 5 days to start, if you are going to run a project(s) 24/7 then with your i7@4.0 you should probably ramp it up to 8 or even 10 days. I run into no workunit issues 3 days every week b/c seti goes offline, I just have all my quads set for 10 days and my others set for 3 or 4.
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