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May 18, 2001
Anybody know of any good efaxing solutions - preferrably free?

Since every printer has a fax machine included, I of course have a fax machine at home but that doesn't work very well with the answering machine of the significant other.
And since I want to avoid long arguments about beeping noises on her fax machine (or me loosing a fax because the answering machine and not the fax picked up the call), I was wondering if there are any good alternatives?

Skype w. Skype in?
Cell phone (cingular)?
... ?


Nov 21, 2001
Get a lineshare device. It listens for the fax tones, then either routes the call to the fax machine or to the phones and answering system.
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I have a few I snagged off ebay. I wired the whole house of a few clients through the 7500. It works like a charm. It "listens" to the first ring, so if it is not a fax you will hear the second ring of a call. Set the fax machine to answer on one ring.


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Feb 19, 2001
Sending faxes is easy, most printer/scanners have a fax driver built in. I use efax for incoming faxes at work. It shows up as an e-mail and the attachment makes it easy to convert to PDF and store or e-mail to someone. If you get a fair number of faxes each month efax is worth it (easy for me to say when my employer pays for it :) )