Edit: OOS - Antec 300 (v1) - ~$30 AC/PM/FS @ Staples

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Jan 2, 2001
This deal has been going for about a week or so already, was out of stock and is now back in stock.

Staples has the Antec Three Hundred (v1) case for $79.99

If you don't have one you can acquire a $25 off $75 online/phone order coupon from the usual sources bringing the order down to $54.99 + tax with free shipping.

Put in your order, then go over to Amazon to bring up the Antec Three Hundred there and verify they haven't changed the price ($49.99) and it's still in stock. Have the item number handy (B000GQMHBI), and give Staples a call and ask to price match a previous order. They should credit you back about $30 give or take depending on your sales tax.

Make sure you price match AFTER you put in the order, otherwise they won't let you use the coupon.

Final price shipped should be around $32.
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