ECS 945GCT-M (V1.0) shut down problem


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Dec 1, 2008
I have overclocked my E4500 with the cheap motherboard for almost a year without any problem. Then one day it begans to acting up on me and reversed back to the stock frequency by itself. After I tried to re-overclock, it stops booting up (no display what so ever). So I cleared the bois with the jumper and the machine is able to boot up. Now the problem is when I shut down the computer, it powers down properly but after 4 or 5 seconds it reboots again! This happens to both stand up and power down.

I think I might have screwed up the bois somehow but updating the bios with the most recent bin from the manufacture does not seem to help either.

BTW, I am running vista business but I also tried XP which does the same thing, so I think it is not related to the OS.

Anybody has a clue? Is it some setting in the bois? I have tried anything bois settings I can think of but none seem to work.



Feb 1, 2000
i've hard this happen before and it can happen if there is a short in your case, or your power supply is a little faulty.

you could try taking the board out of your case, and seeing it if it works then.

you might want to turn off any options in the bios that do things like, rebooting on a loss of power, or wake on lan, or that sort of thing.


Jun 24, 2008
Hi Michaellee,

Cleared the BIOS again with the jumper.
Popout your memory and reseat them.

If it continues to reboot on its own. Than check
out these things. Normally auto reboots stem
from one of these items:

Software incompatibilities and most
often it is a device driver causing
your issues and not a application
incompatibilitiy, however Roxio
gave me continuous reboots on one of
my PC's a few years ago....drove me nuts for a while.

BIOS problems, do a BIOS reflash with an
update BIOS from your vendor.

Sometimes if memory has gone to hell
and or is incompatible with your system
it will also cause auto reboots.