Question Easy to install aRGB fans


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Sep 20, 2022
Hey everyone, new here. I'm building my first PC in the next few weeks/month, and one thing about the build I still haven't settled on or figured out is the aRGB fans. I'm going with an ASUS PRIME B660M-A D4 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard that has three 5v headers, and then the White Fractal Design Define 7 Compact case. And for now, a regular fan cooler, no liquid cooling at this point (maybe down the road, but probably not).

So the total amount of aRGB fans I could have in that case is 1x120 in the rear, 2x120 on top, and 3x120 in the front. And I want to create a very clean, classy white/black theme. And after doing some initial research on these aRGB fans I like, it seems like it can be a nightmare and not very easy to setup? And since I'm new to building computers in general, I want to do my research on the best way to go about this before I just start buying things willy nilly.

So just wondering if installing and getting the aRGB fans to work will be something I can accomplish? Or is it going to be too hard? And if it is something I could do, what is the best way to do this?

My plan right now in my head, is to run 2x120mm Lian Li UNI SL Infinity fans on the top, 3x120 Lian Li SL's in the front, and 1x120 Lian Li UNI SL Infinity in the back. The SL infinity and the SL fans look absolutely insane and nothing is even close as good looking imho. But... I've read they can be rough to setup, rough to get all the fans to work properly how you want, and sometimes they don't even work at all!

So just wondering if anyone that is super knowledgeable on the topic can help steer me in the right direction? I'm looking for the best brands (with good customer service, will replace fans that don't seem to work, and even help with questions about setup), reliability and ease of install. As well as helping me figure out the best setup for my build. I also need assistance figuring out if I use the mobo or the Lian Li software to control them all? I'm not sure how this works, it seems pretty complicated.

Also, does it matter if you go with all fans from one brand, vs getting different fans from different brands? Meaning, is it easier or harder to get them all to work if they're the same brand or a few different brands? Or not really?

Thanks everyone

Here are some examples of the general aesthetic I'm going for, although I'll end up with something that obviously looks like my own.


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Mar 21, 2007
I would use the same fans all around to ensure that they look the same. The Uni fans connect to each other, limiting the number of cables you would need. When you buy the 3-pack of 120mm fans they also come with a controller to aid in installation. So you connect 1 aRGB, 1 SATA, and 1 USB to the controller, then the fans plug into the controller. Everything else is accomplished in software.



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Sep 28, 2005
it totally depends on your motherboard and how many ease of RGB headers it has.
Some are very picky with 5V only headers, while some are very flexable and offer both 5V and 12V.

RGB fans are easy to install, nothing special about them outside requiring an additional header for the RGB, unless its something that comes with a RGB controller, which then it has specialized header.

This is RGB tho... color changing LED's, for single color LED's, they are usually intigrated on the 12V header, so no additional controller is required.