Earbud Advice and Recommendations


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Sep 2, 2018
Greetings! My name is Lee.

I am a casual earbud user using them to watch videos and listen to music.

I have a new LG G7 which has upgraded audio technology for earbud use.

I have only ever used the earbuds that come with the phones.

Would I notice a significant difference in sound by using more expensive earbuds?

Any advice or recommendations will be much appreciated,




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May 4, 2000
Most of the time the bundled headphones (or more specifically IEM) are not that great of quality, and most people would find retail units better sounding. However, people's hearing and expectations are all different, so I'd read a few reviews on some of the replacements you might be considering.


aka Brandon
Jul 18, 2004
I would suggest not spending a ton of money on earbuds until you know what kind of sound signature you're after. Everyone's hearing preference (and hearing loss) is different, so you may end up spending a bunch of money on nice headphones that you don't like because a lot of other people thought they were good. It also depends on which style of music you listen to.

I would stick around the $30-50 price point for now, and I've had pretty good experiences with Sound magic headphones at that price (The E10 is around $30). I like my bass, and it needs to be punchy and fast, and I got that in the sound magic earphones. I've also liked most Sony models around that price point, but haven't heard many of them recently to know if they still sound how I remember. I've tried several different Shure models over the years at different price points, and I just don't like how little bass they have. They're more "balanced" and analytical which would be fine if I need a neutral signal to produce music, but when I'm listening to music it's for fun, and I need more life than that.

Anyway, check out some reviews and don't spend more than $50 on your first set is my suggestion. Once you begin to understand the type of sound you're after, you can start considering more expensive options if you really want to.


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Dec 27, 2001
I got some Campfire Audio Comets and was very impressed with how good they sound. They're pretty neutral, but the bass absolutely delivers (especially for an earbud). They also provide way better isolation than I expected. I think the default foam tips gives you a combo of great isolation and a good seal to allow for punchy bass. Very pricey for just a phone earbud, although I think the G7 has a well-regarded DAC?


Oct 18, 1999
You will definitely have to research which buds will even kick off the DAC on the G7. Not many will and that will just be a waste. The LGV10 had an app that let you have it on all the time. The LGV20 did not and the G7 does not as well. IMO, the DAC stinks as you will need to spend a ton of $$$ on getting cans that will even kick off the G7 DAC. I just use a fiio amp and ignore the DAC.