Dynex Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle - $8.99 + tax with free shipping!


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Mar 7, 2000
Dynex Keyboard Mouse Combo.jpg

Hey, everyone! Best Buy's eBay store has the Dynex Wireless Keyboard / Mouse combo on sale for $8.99 + tax with free shipping. Listed as "New" and the keyboard has a standard layout including a big Backspace key. It appears to be a maximum of 3 sets per eBay account. I've got a couple of "refurbed" HP SFF PCs that I'm selling and needed keyboards and mice so this worked out great!

EDIT: It looks like you can buy a total of 3 items from Best Buy's eBay store in a week. I was looking at a couple of speakers but could not add them to my cart since I had already bought 3 keyboard / mice combos.

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