Dutch senator Tiny Kox, accused of ties to Russian secret service


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Apr 12, 2003
I just thought for the name of the Dutch Senator alone this deserves a thread here! :)

SP Senator Tiny Kox vehemently denied accusations that he was in the pocket of the Russian secret services while working in Strasbourg, France. He views the accusations as an attempt to damage the Council of Europe, where he leads the Parliamentary Assembly, and to divert attention away from the war in Ukraine. The Council of Europe has excluded Russia from participation due to its invasion of Ukraine.
According to investigative collective The Dossier Center, led by Russian dissident Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian spy pointed the finger at Kox, naming him as a representative of Russia's interests in Strasbourg. This appeared in an analysis of documents from Russian spy Valeri Levitsky, who worked under the cover of Consul General in Strasbourg, France, where the Council of Europe is located.

Levitsky was able to manipulate a series of the Council of Europe’s presidents of Parliament to get them under Russia’s control, according to The Dossier Center. If the Kremlin wanted something, Kox “could sort it out,” Levitski said. Kox was elected as the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in January. The treaty organization safeguards democracy and human rights in Europe. His rival candidate was Mariia Mezentseva from Ukraine, who serves as a member of the EPP/CD group in the Assembly.

Kox was unable to take the allegations seriously, saying they must "come from a Russian troll factory.” Levitski was a fixture in Strasbourg, but Kox does not remember anything beyond a casual encounter with him more than casual encounters. Additionally, Kox said that he would be the last person to be considered for recruitment by Moscow after his strict reports about unfair Russian elections. He thinks Levitsky simply wrote down his own fantasies to demonstrate his zeal to his superiors in Russia.

For anyone thinking this must be an onion article with a fake name... nope this is a real person and the article is real.
Tiny Kox's Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Kox
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Sep 30, 2005
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