Dumb question on 'simple' Vdroop mods for P5B


Senior member
Aug 26, 2006
I recently learned about the infamous Vdroop that Asus boards seem to have, in particular the P5B (to be clear, I am referring to the fact that the "real" Vcore on the P5B is much lower than the Vcore value set in the BIOS. I am not referring to the Vcore drop between idle and load). I also learned that there is an apparently "simple" mod that you can do with a pencil, where you pencil across one resistor to change its resistance. This can apparently significantly reduce the Vdroop on the P5B boards.

My "dumb" question is this: if eliminating/reducing the Vdroop on these boards is as simple as changing the value of one resistor, why doesn't Asus simply change the resistor for one with the "correct" value to eliminate the Vdroop?

The only answer I can think of is that changing this resistor's value would probably have some other undesirable effect. So, does anyone know what undesirable effect would result from changing the one resistor?

I don't want to mod my board and void its warranty (too much of a n00b!) but I am just curious as to why Asus doesn't fix this if it is apparently so easy to fix.