Duke Nukem 3d Multiplayer - why wasn't it copied?

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May 29, 2003
The freeze ray .. how could i forget about that. I remember in indoor maps those things would keep bouncing so while you're trying to kill the other guy you had to avoid hitting yourself. And trying to hide while shrunk was always amusing. I remember one time me and some other guy were in jetpacks and he shrunk me but couldn't squish me in the air.

good times!


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Feb 23, 2005
Shadowwarrior was fricking hilarious. The nuke was the best. Always seems like someone is offended by the stereotypes tho.

Speaking of which, who remembers Redneck Rampage? That was another good one. It had moonshine that made you run fast, the pork-rinds you could used to heal yourself, the circular saw launcher, dynamite crossbow, and the machine gun jumblies.

You'd blast something to bits and your guy would say "I reckon that boy bust a gut". Other good ones... "Hot damn" and "Hold on to your butt" with my personal favorite "well shit fire and fuck me running"