dual soundcards?


Oct 9, 1999
Can I have 2 soundcards in my system?
like a vortex2 and a sb live!? one for a3d and the other for eax?


Jun 3, 2000
I wonder what DS3D would do...

I remember when my roommate had a Voodoo1 and a TNT1 he had a utility to choose which did D3D..wonder if there is something like that for DS3D, cuz that would be hella cool...

But really in the future, I doubt it will matter a whole lot, with Creative buying Aureal, A3D is probably pretty well dead.
I know there are some great games now, but there probably won't be many more...you might as well just stick with an SBLive! *sighs*

If you don't want to be a Lemming check out the Videologic Sonic Fury or Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound cards, they look to be pretty sweet cards (they are the same chipset), they also feature a powerful DSP, so you can have "hardware" upgrades through drivers.

Edit: Those links are reviews BTW, not product websites or something...I've read the Santa Cruz one, but not the Sonic Fury.

Hopefully they make a good impression with this chipset, because creative seriously needs some competition..


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Apr 23, 2000
actually from my past experience i was able to have 2 sound cards. I have a SBLive x-gamer and an old AWE32 both in one system.. dont' ask why.. it involves many pain in the ass hours getting legacy DOS support for an old but good sound edit program.. ANYWAY, I installed the drivers for the AWE32 and away I went. the only think i needed to do was to specify which card was going to be default and then could use it. Now i can't remember if i needed to reboot to use it but i believe I went from using the AWE32 editing sound, then switched over to Quake3 and the SBLive without rebooting, but dont quote me... i would give more specifics but my brother has the system at home right now, but i could find out more for you in a week if you need the info. so in short, yes i was able to get 2 soundcards in one system to both function properly.. but i am not sure if i was lucky with the combo, or if you might run into trouble with those particular soundcards. i would suggest some backing up of the registry if you cannot afford to reinstall windows after all hell breaks loose with f-ed up drivers. good luck


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Oct 10, 1999
As long as you don't have IRQ conflicts it should work in theory. IN THEORY.


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Oct 9, 1999
The SBLive does support another ISA based Sound Blaster working in parallel for maximum legacy support.....it's in the readme somewhere.


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Oct 11, 1999
I have two sounds cards in my system - an SB Live Value (for MIDI &amp; the joystick port) &amp; a professional recording/editing card - the CardDeluxe by Digital Audio Labs (sppts DVD-quality audio -> 24-bit rez &amp; 96KHz sampling).

I use it with both WinME + W2K - with Vegas multitrack &amp; Sound Forge &amp; all the cool plug-ins.

Soundcards can be tricky w/ IRQs, but I had no probs. I disabled SB16 (DOS) emulation on the Live Value.


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Apr 28, 2000
I've been running 2, 3 and sometimes 4 sound cards in my computer at once. Believe me, it works! The trick is IRQ/DMA juggling. I have yet to find two components (even PCI) that share nicely, so running out of IRQ's can be a pain, depending on the sound card(s). Just be sure to disable stuff you're NOT using, like serial/USB ports to gain the resources.
An SBLive, AWE32, Roland LAPC-1, and Gravis UltraSound PnP have all run in my machine at once- at one time. Not needing the UltraSound PnP, I removed it. I just can't bear to sell it though... :) The Live card was sold, and the AWE32 might be gone soon- until I win myself a Santa Cruz sound card, I might have to go back to that ol' baby. :) Best soundcard there was in its day- barring the LAPC-1. :)


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Feb 4, 2000
In an old computer, I had an Sb 16 and some Ensingiq thing, that worked OK