Dual core vs Quad core with and without HT (PCLab.pl)

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Nov 1, 2010
Their Battelfield 4 benchmarks were in complete opposite to benches done on all the other review sites.

Hmm, to me their BF4 benchmarks mirrored pchardware.de, and even gamegpu's to an extent.

Thing is too, driver updates and patches have changed the game's performance considerably since launch. PClabs.pl used the latest 331.93 drivers, which has some nice performance increases for BF4 and DICE must have released several patches. I played the SP campaign again yesterday, and compared to when I played it at after the game launched, performance was much improved.

But the main reason why there is such a large delta in BF4 in this particular review though, is because of the lowered clock speed which increases the impact of multithreading performance, which was the intent I believe.

The two games that show the largest deltas are AC IV and BF4, the former most likely using driver command lists (which AMD does not support), and the latter having DX 11.1 CPU optimizations which seems to benefit NVidia the most due to how they've optimized their drivers for multicore processors.