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Discussion in 'Audio/Video & Home Theater' started by Dark54555, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I almost feel silly posting this, but there has to be an easy answer.

    My parents had a programmable doorbell. It died, they replaced with the iChime (see manual: for reference). It had two extra speakers (maybe three...there's one outside at the front door, one in part of the house, and one outside in their back year) already wired in. Those speakers work, but the volume on the iChime is quite a bit lower than the doorbell they had. They want to add an extra speaker to the system. (House is L shaped. Main doorbell is at the 90 degree point. One speaker is at one end, they want a speaker at the other.)

    So, I assume you would need an amp? What kind of amp do you use to power three (four?) mono doorbell speakers? Where does one even source extra doorbell speakers and amps for them?

    Or is there some better way to solve this problem? They want something they can program and can hear. They would be willing to re-replace the iChime if something else worked better.
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    You can series wire any number of additional speakers into that thing, it's just that every time you add a speaker, each one will get quieter individually. However, having a larger number of strategically placed speakers might be better than having a single, louder one.

    Also, you can series/parallel wire the speakers to keep near the 8 ohm input the amp can handle, just don't go under 8 ohms or the little amp will burn out.