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Doom Eternal - returned

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Jul 20, 2003
Uh, that's kind of the essence of video games - remembering controls/keys and knowing how and when to execute them to progress. I haven't played Eternal and I likely won't until I build my new system but there's been plenty of games in the past that came up with arbitrary button combos that took a little while to learn, but after that initial period of learning, it just became another muscle-memory. I can understand if you're like my buddy and tend to play multiple games at the same time (he cycles through at least 5 games rather than focusing on just one or two), but if you just give it time, it shouldn't be that difficult.

There is quite a bit of stuff to remember in the middle of intense action in this game. Every gun has 2 configurations that have to be switched between, you have a punch button that charges up and also works as a finishing button and you have to do glory kills to regain health but it only works if the enemy is staggered, there is a chainsaw button that can only be used if you have enough fuel to destroy an enemy and is the only way to refill your ammo sometimes, you have right click abilities and sometimes you have to hold right click and left click at the same time depending on the weapon, you have 2 different kinds of grenades that have to be switched between and recharge slowly and you have a flamethrower ability that is the only way to restore shields sometimes. You can't stand still at all in the game without being killed rapidly, so you constantly have to do sprint bursts and double jumps and you are always out of ammo and life so you are constantly running from enemies trying to find a weak enemy to chainsaw/glory kill to regain life and ammo. On top of that there are dozens upon dozens of upgrades that change how effective each weapon/skill is.

Definitely requires a lot of skill and coordination compared to your average game. Whether it is all worth it is quite debatable. I played it on the second easiest difficulty, but it is a game that might be better off just playing on easy as I had to replay most of the battles several times.
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