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Don't be a black principle in racist Texas

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Jun 5, 2017
Florida's really not much better dude.... If Texas is the armpit of America, I think Florida is probably the butthole.

No argument there. Hence why I mentioned I'm planning on leaving. You'll never find me defending the state gov of Florida nor more than half the morons that live here.

I'm in a sane pocket of Florida and I'm sure there are the same in Texas. Same with other backward pits like Missouri and Alabama. I lived in Tennessee for a few years and there are a few islands in the sea of rednecks there too.

We haven't yet gone full-on Jesus freak about abortion, and we don't yet have anything that lets anyone carry a gun, in public, with no permit. That law there is enough to make me gtfo. Florida is bad enough with the stand your ground horseshit (and sure enough some old coward guns someone down over a handicapped spot not long afterward.)

Other than that gun law, which is terrifying IMO, I'd say that political differences aren't enough to make me move. I have reasons to stay, and other reasons to leave. The political insanity is just something to tip the scales and it's becoming heavier by the year. Finland is looking pretty good these days, not sure they need another aging programmer (maybe my kids can get out though!)
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